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The Start of Air-Conditioners -

Living in the Philippines, one cannot be thankful enough of Air-Conditioner or commonly known as Aircons or ACs especially during Summer (February – June). In fact, even during rainy seasons (July to October) Air-Conditioners are often used as dehumidifiers. So today I want to revisit an old fact many of you may not be aware of.

First commercially sold modern Air-Conditioners were invented in 1902 by Willis Carrier in New York to help a Printing & Publishing company control the humidity and temperature of their facilities. The problem was that during summer the hot weather would cause the inks to run and bleed, causing the company millions of dollars and decreasing productivity. Willis Carrier, an engineer/inventor found a solution to this uncommon problem.

This ingenious invention ultimately lead to the company known as Carrier Air-Conditioning today, interesting where some of our problems can lead us, isn’t it?



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