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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an Inverter Air Conditioner?

  • Inverter vs. Non-Inverter

  • How to Compute your Room's Cooling Capacity

    Cooling capacity determines the rate of how much heat can be removed from a given space. Generally, the cooling capacity is directly related to the size of the room being cooled. However, there are several other factors you must take into consideration in helping you determine a better estimate of the cooling capacity your space requires. We call these other factors as heat loads. Basically, these are the elements in your room that give off heat like electronic appliances, lighting, glass walls or windows, and even the people occupying the room. 
    To help you calculate for the cooling capacity you need, use the table below. For the Room Area, choose whether you’re using an Inverter or a Non-Inverter Air Conditioner.

  • How to Convert BTU/HR to HP to TR

  • What is Energy Efficiency Ratio?

  • What is Covered in the Basic Installation Charge?

  • Which Areas Have No Delivery Charge?

  • What is the Warranty Period and Policy?


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